Have you tried restarting your router?


Mann showed Sehyo a picture of John.


Hiroyuki took out some coins and handed one to Doyle.

Get off at Himeji Station.

We're looking for a volunteer.


I watch movies almost every day.

Here's the letter from him.

From then on, flower fairs were held in Guangzhou during the Spring Festival every year.

Allan can't take less.

She's been practicing piano for a year and can play the piano somewhat.


Is his aunt eating an apple or a banana?


I am going to put my heart into the work.

I'm as old as he is.

Svante isn't optimistic.

I broke a glass.

Judith and Clara's main problem is they can't find a place to live.

He shows warm affection for his children.

Read music, hear fiction.

We must go there at least once a year.

They face up to seven years in prison.

I recognized Tareq the moment I saw him.

The Panama Papers show how a Panamanian law firm helped its clients set up shell companies in tax havens around the world.

In fact, he even loved her.

This ship needs a new captain.


Can I take a picture here?

She wants more.

There are fresh tracks in the snow.

The Japanese enjoy the songs of birds and insects.

This is everyone's problem.

The enemy answered our fire.

No matter what you're studying, I think it's best to study a little every day.


You were hurt, weren't you?

He can be proud of his father.

He can speak Russian too.

I'll take care of it right now.

The oboe is the most beautiful of all woodwind instruments.

Mitsubishi Bank merged with Tokyo Bank.

I've just become a grandfather.

Your husband's cheating on you.

Cats have seven lives.


I think you deserve more than this.

I've been trying to wake Mwa up.

I've seen them here before.

I ate a very tasty sweet.

I love this picture.

I have some difficulty breathing.

The young man who is talking with John is a student from Canada.

Another beer please.

He made a speech in connection with world peace.

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I'm on my way to meet Vivek at the station right now.


I want you all to be on your best behavior.

The freight was insured against all risks.

I don't see any point in going if the party is almost over.


To upgrade the firmware, you must go to the download page and download the latest version.


In the summer, they used to play on the beach all day long.

I want to meet some Native Americans.

If you can't get a lawyer who knows the law, get one who knows the judge.

She persuaded him to do it.

Floyd looks bored.

She was hurrying the hell up.

She has already cooked the meal.

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Don't set your failure down to bad luck.

Will it be hot tomorrow?

I can't give it to her.

We saw Mac make a fantastic shot.

You're here where you belong.

Physical contact with a child is very important.

He started to learn Spanish from the radio.


I was just doing some reading.

As you have difficulties, I'll help you.

I enjoy working here.


I'll go see if people are having fun in the other room.

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I watch television twice a week.

There is a knife.

The water was cold.


Harry couldn't understand Jussi at first.


The first spacecraft from Earth to visit Mars was Mariner 4 in 1965.

I heartily support you.

She declined to say more about it.

Tuna is being reasonable.

Santa didn't seem too disappointed.

Today is the best day of my life.

She does not speak English, and let us not even mention French.

Judge was chosen from 300 applicants.

Kinch, your handwriting isn't very good, but it's easy to read.

Lenora didn't take Oliver's age into consideration.

We ate lunch in a coffee lounge.

I don't care for alcoholic drinks.

Has Kemal been sedated?

Traffic in ivory is illegal.

I'll take you back to school.

Allan left us.

A customer came and so tea was brewed.

You are welcome, Jack!

I told you never to call me again.


Do you have a table on the patio?


You deserved what you got.

It isn't new.

We'll all have to wait and see.

I assume it's impossible to know exactly when that'll happen.

It makes me so happy.

I called him here in order to help me.

I need to talk to Archie tonight about what's going to happen tomorrow.

I watch TV off and on.

Mr. Jones was born in the United States.

A drunk robbed me.

Pardon me, I came in because I thought the room was free.

Come tomorrow morning.

How did you come by that much money?

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It's a great opportunity.

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We need to decide today.

Kuniko is related to Mr. Nagai.

I don't do requests.

Mum, a mere woman surrounded by men, works in a construction company as a site foreman.

We're not the least bit afraid of being subpar.

I rarely walk to work.

Most people here have really hit the skids.

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You made me do it.

I'm sure this is quite difficult for you.

I'm coming to get you.

The young man burst into laughter.

I got goosebumps.

This may be our only chance to talk to Todd.

Maria used this table.

You must work hard, if you want to succeed.

He gave me a ride to the Narita airport.


That girl is under the delusion that she is a princess.


Do you want to die here?

We're not married.

Preparing a room for painting is the most important step in the process.

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If you aren't there, we'll have our picture taken without you.

Chiyonofuji carried all before him.

They like to sing.

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The doctor will examine the pelvis and rectum to feel for any blockages

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The children love listening to fairy tales.

Jay is a zookeeper.

I'm writing a song in French.

Did Bret say why he wasn't coming?

The police arrested her.

As I told you before, I have no choice.

Mongo didn't even touch Art.

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I will make some tea.

Your efforts are futile.

Vern doesn't have any brothers.

I should say this is too simple question.

My sister is married.

I meet him at the club from time to time.

Could you please tell me again how many times you've been here?

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I think it's highly unlikely that Tahsin will go bowling.

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She didn't deserve to die.


Ramanan is in bed reading.

It's not a secret that Toby's opinion is different than yours.

Your impertinent attempts at national self-humilitiation have the vagary of a demented maniac, provide you with no condescension but accumulate contempt in the eyes of others and your total worthlessness is congruentially equivallent to your repugnantly low grammatic skills.

Mott decided to take matters into his own hands.

He gave me an explanation for his mistake.

Ginny is writing an autobiography.

There is no end in sight to the U.S. trade deficit with Japan.

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Won't you take something off this price?


As soon as she saw me, she burst out crying.

I should say he is a little angry.

Have fun, but don't get lost.

I don't want to go to Joseph's birthday party.

He says firefighting is a feast or famine job.

His son is his bitterest disappointment.

It is said that my sister is beautiful.